Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Post!


    Well, I will try to use this blog as a way to showcase music I think is cool, post some pictures from time to time, and just leave analogous posts.

Stop on by, there's sure to be something interesting!


Hello from 2012! I'm updating this first post I ever made so it can act as a leapfrog to some of the cooler content on my blog. I've noticed that a lot of people start with this post and I thought why not direct them to some exciting things while they're here?

Here's some things I've done:
  •  Halloween Posts - Slightly more spooky or abnormal themed music videos
  •  Short Stories -  Here's a collection of some of the short stories and vignettes I've posted
  •   Poems - Collection of some poems I've posted
  •  Surviving College - Series I wrote on tips and tricks for getting through the college experience


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