Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Seem to be Forgetting how to Walk

Not sure why this is, but it is happening. Maybe it's always happened and I never realized it. As I walk my right heel kicks my left ankle(which might be slightly hard to imagine). So yeah, not every step, but sometimes when I'm not paying particular attention I kick one foot into the other. Perhaps my right foot is angry at my left foot; or they could both together be just telling me its running season(strange way to say it but they're feet so..best they can do?). Whatever the reason, its kind of getting on my nerves.

Damn, there are quite a few really sweet looking movies coming out this summer/year. That is one thing I am definitely excited for. Also bike rides, book stores, record stores, seeing friends from home, and no homework. And I just hope its a constructive summer, I want to build something, or do something. Something so that the summer is worth the time off and worth the work I will have to do. So I will hopefully be cooking that up in the back of my head.

But right now I've got papers to do and subjects to study. And I have got to hold steady, Once I get these papers done, everything is downhill from there. One step at a time.

So time to kick some paper ass and get this done. Hopefully, nothing distracts me.


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