Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Year for Music

This is a good year for new music. Some bands releasing new stuff-The Decemberists, OK GO, Malajube, Peter Bjorn and John, Conor Oberst, Coconut records, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Stars(possibly), Andrew Bird, Franz Ferdinand, and Silversun Pickups(who I am going to be talking about shortly). There are probably many many more, but that is a brief list of some of the ones that have come out already and are yet to come out, excited? Good.

So back in 2006 Silversun Pickups released their distortion laden, rocking debut album Carnavas. It had tons of hits such as Lazy Eye, Future Foe Scenarios, Well Thought Out Twinkles, Little Lover's So Polite; basically it was a good album all around. This year they are coming out with a new album entitled Swoon that should be entirely worth hearing.

Hear is a video from their last album to get you ready.

Silversun Pickups
Little Lover's So Polite

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Chapter

That title makes this probably sound a lot more epic than it really is, or maybe it is more epic than i think it is. Either way I suppose. A new quarter begins, the spring is beginning, this is a new blog post, new haircut, new sunglasses(I forgot to bring my other ones along on vacation, not that anyone cares about the welfare of my sunglasses that strongly..), and last but in no way least, I have a Specialty Show on our campus radio station here, starting next Monday at 10:00 to 11:00PM, it can be found at www.acrn.com then(shows called Volcanoes in Winter). So yeah, that is that. And I could very well not be talking to anyone, but I do not care.

Riding in the car this afternoon, I look out the window all I can see in the reflection white cords of my ipod headphones. I thought it was kind of funny because it reminded me of the commercials with the dancing silhouettes with only white cords visible, from that my mind jumped to music so that brought up Arcade Fire in my mind which was there since the day before I had watched a new video for Where the Wild Things Are and their song Wake Up was the background to the trailer which in turn made me think of how many movies that look pretty great are coming out this year. That right there is a look at a track of the train of thought of my mind.

I am pretty sure this movie is going to be fairly awesome.

Where the Wild Things Are

You better look out below!

Friday, March 13, 2009

End of the Quarter

Woo, the end of winter quarter is here, with the exception of finals which are this coming week. It feels great to almost be done, to almost be on spring break, although this was a pretty good quarter overall. All of my classes this quarter were not bad, the teachers overall were cool, I guess its just nice to be at the end. I still have a ton of studying to do and more than half a paper to finish, but it should all be okay.

In other news I finally have finally listened to Jens Lekman, and wow, he plays some pretty good stuff. I do think that its kind of funny that it took me until a recommendation from Scary Go Round to check out his music. Ah well that's the way things go.
So this music video is kind of crazy awesome, and if I ever get arrested, I want it to go down something like this.

You are the Light
Jens Lekman

PS you should definitly check out Scary Go Round and read the entire archive, I started in maybe October and have yet to finish. Mostly cause I save it for times of maximum procrastination.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Return

I have returned. And maybe you're thinking, "what's he talking about?". Well I feel like its been awhile, and I would like to apologize to anyone who's been anxiously awaiting a new post. I have been really kind of busy lately. Have I had any crazy ideas lately that I need to let you guys in on? Probably, sadly I can't think of any as of right this minute. Well actually there is one kind of project-y kind of thing that I am trying to get together, but that is fairly much in my peripherals. But let me just tell you this, its going to be pretty great, I'm hoping anyway.

Oh! One cool thing I did the other day, I possibly created a new soft drink. Basically if you took the holiday of Easter and put it into soda form this is what you would arrive at. The formula is about 80% lemonade and 20% root beer, give or take. I thought I had outgrown mixing flavors at restaurants, but now I'm really glad that I have not.

And arriving at the point that I always try to get to get to; music. So this song or maybe the video or the two together remind me of winter. If you had not noticed, it is indeed still winter, and apparently I feel the need to illustrate this point. I wonder if anyone has ever done Joan of Arc's story in elementary school play form before this...

Phantom Limb
The Shins

I'll try to be a bit more consistent for awhile, if I can.