Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy Mind Powers and Revenge

(seriously, I should turn some of these titles into stories or songs) The mind powers refer to a new band that I think are pretty cool, the revenge refers to a snippet of a conversation that was overheard as two women passed me earlier today. I was going to workout, these two women were walking towards me on the same path. The only part of their conversation I heard was one woman saying to the other "That would be the ultimate revenge on him(her)". The parenthesis are because I cannot quite remember how it ended, but that had be cracking up for the duration of the walk. I wonder if whatever the scheme they were referring to was as epic as it sounded. I will never know.

Unless I had crazy Telekinesis! but really that's just the name of this band. Telekinesis! yup, I guess they were pretty excited about it, they put an exclamation mark on it. Well their music is pretty poppy, and pretty good, and kind of catchy too.


Hope everyone had a good April!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not a Crime Fighting Duo

Let me introduce you all to a duo I know. Ladies and Gentlemen, Matt and Kim, Matt and Kim, ladies and gentlemen. Are we all squared away with introductions? Yes? Good. And unsurprisingly my friends here are a musical duo, not a crime fighting duo(so far as I know, in reality they could really be today's Batman and Robin). They make some good poppy music that you should all listen to.

Matt and Kim

also as a side note, I have kind of taken to watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross almost every morning. That is an extremely calming show, if you're feeling a bit off, or just need to wake up in a good way, or want to learn how to paint, well check it out on PBS.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pastels in the Sunrise

That sounds Easterish to me. I have not seen a sunrise in quite some time, maybe one of these mornings I will just wake up take a walk to a clear place sit down and wait for it. I did get to see a few spectacular sunsets over spring break, perhaps I'll post one...maybe in this post. Back to Easter, so still got to have an Easter egg hunt at home this year, which was great and fun. And now I am back at school with a new cache of chocolate to eat, rain outside, tests to take, business as usual.

So a good Easter band, I am not sure that a lot of bands really fall under this classification, but Frightened Rabbits or at least this one song from them with the video fits the bill pretty well. And if not Easter, cause, well that is just a holiday for one religion, well a great spring song in any case.

Frightened Rabbits
Heads Roll Off

okay I think cool pictures next time maybe.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lay it Down

So Peter Bjorn and John, what the hell? Your new album is completely different, the one song sounds like a rip off of a Justice track, and the whole album...well okay its just, its really pretty good. Like this song, when I first heard it I kind of did a audio double take, and it just boils down to, yes it may be ridiculous in some ways, but it makes up for everyone of those ways with its awesomeness, its great beat and lyrics that get straight to the point, "Hey shut the Fuck up boy/take your hands off that girl/you have already had enough".

And then on top of all that, this video is equal parts strange and awesome.

Peter Bjorn and John
Lay it Down

PS you should check out the instrumental album, Seaside Rock, they came out with last year, it was quite good.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Those furry boots won't save you this time!

Mostly I just had that title rolling around in my head for the past couple days as the temperatures roll up and down anywhere from 70 to 20 degrees and no matter the temperature you see the girls with those boots, and I realize that they are supposed to be incredibly warm, but some commonsense should be factored in too. So for now its the title of a blog post, but eventually I might turn it into a song or something, or a crazy scene in a movie or book.

Anyway I have had about 5 different ideas for things to show and tell about, having forgotten the other four I will go with this one for now. Now, who liked the movie Clue? or the game for that matter? Chances are you like at least one of the two, but really I could be completely misjudging the power of the genre of whodunits. So everyone remember Malajube? I think I have actually posted two videos on here so far. And they came out with a new album recently, which is pretty good overall and with new songs come new videos. I don't think you can get more Clue-esque that this, but I could be entirely wrong.

Porté Disparu