Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh yeah

Thought I had a few weeks ago

Life: its like simultaneously playing Hungry-Hungry-Hippos whilst splaying Twister.

Think it over.

Undercover Martyn

Time moves forward. Things change, we become slightly different people. Along the way we acquire new friends. I joined the Swing Club here, if you told my future and told me half the things I would do in college..Not sure if i would believe you or not. But the point is that it has been really fun. I'm becoming somewhat proficient at Lindy hop, starting to do some Charleston which is kind of like Skanking wih Ska music, or at least I think so anyway.

see this is where I should have a video with cool dancing to go along with that, I have a cool video but no cool dancing. I apologize.

Two Door Cinema Club
Under Cover Martyn

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cause there is always a wrong to your right!

Do you like Queen? Do you despair that they just do not make music any longer? well I have got something for you, it's not quite new Queen, and possibly I shouldn't even compare it to them, but I think they are pretty fun. ( I need to stop writing like I talk, or talking like i write; one of the two) Anyway upon times of greatest procrastination is when I can become the most productive in my side/fun projects; like this.

So here's Foxy Shazam ( fun name too)
with their song Oh Lord!

now back to studying!