Monday, May 10, 2010

head upon arm

I rest my head upon my arm which is lying across my desk. Close my eyes. the room is mostly dark. my brain starts to cloud over slowly. like fog entering a city, street by street. do I let myself sleep, do i give in?

when can it be said that we have done enough? when is it time for a break? when the eyes won't stay open anymore? when each thought does not connect to any other, there is no longer any train but rather only disconnected cars racing. crashing into walls.

but the sun is not yet down, push on they say, stay the course. so i will ride a horse of productivity into the dying light. to fight off the demons of procrastination and slumber.

this battle will be fought and won. you can sing your siren's call, but i will resist you, sleep. for a little while anyway.

No! Korea is not an island!

I just need some sort of catalyst, or inspiration. I have got so much to do, and all of said work would help if it was worked on. Okay think I've got it. I'll try the ole carrot on a string method. I will work for 15 minutes(hopefully) then watch this new LCD Soundsystem video. alright let's try this out. Also video is directed by the great Spike Jonze:

LCD Soundsystem
Drunk Girls

woo! go team!