Monday, July 27, 2009

Bubblegum Pop and Elevensies Cookies

Lets start with the latter and then carry onto the former, sound good? Elevensies is apparently an extra snack time that the british celebrate, not necessarily at eleven 'o'clock, but usually sometime before lunchtime and after breakfast. So basically they have this awesome excuse to have cookies around an hour before lunch time. Look on average(this is referring to no actual scientific data, just what's in my head) the english tend to be less obese than americans. Could this in part be due to their day being broken up by delightful snack times which leaves the body more time to digest and so you never get as devastatingly hungry as you would if you keep your meals so separate, and thus over eat. What I am postulating could be wrong, but in any regard its a good excuse to take a break and have a snack. I found/remembered about elevensies from reading The Greenstone Grail by Amanda Hemingway, first book in a great trilogy.

Onto Bubblegum pop, which sounds a little too sweet for comfort. At times it really is, and I am not even quite sure if this band fits under that category, but they make me dance and smile like the sunniest happiest day, so I think it might qualify. The band I am referring to is Throw Me the Statue, which is kind of a strange name. Are they referring to some colossal game of catch between The Hulk and King Kong? Maybe its just a small statue...Also I was looking for a video and came across their one for Lolita. The song has some good references to the book of the same title by Vladimir Nabokov, I recommend it and also caution that it might be a little strange and definitely inappropriate at times. So two things 1) when I heard the beginning of the song I realized I finally found this song that I had been looking for for some time, 2) there are a surpising number of songs with references to Lolita, I should compile a list if I ever get around to it. Without further ado:

Throw Me the Statue

until next time!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mission: Moleskine

A few days ago I realized that I needed a better journal/notebook to write in. Upon this fact I remembered while at Borders that Moleskines are pretty awesome. After returning a day or two later, I sat locked indecisively trying to make up my mind which type of Moleskine I wanted to own. Perhaps I should explain a bit further. The tough time making a decision was made up by two factors: a) there are many different variables in the types of this brand of notebook, 3 sizes, lined, unlined, sketch book, red or black, soft or hard cover, etc. b) One of the things that I know most definitively about myself is that I am indecisive.

It took me the better part of an hour and a half to choose which type of moleskine to get. I finally decided on a nice lined, soft cover, medium sized one and I think it was a good choice overall. So maybe its not entirely a matter of being indecisive so much as it is liberally weighing my options. Another Thing that I have had consistant trouble deciding on is a major or a career towards aspiring after graduation. This means that when asked what field I am going into dutifully, my answer/response is none other than "undecided"or in another word; "indecisive". Sometimes its a bit like wearing a sign around my neck announcing my inability in handling decisions.

In the end its fine: really. I would not trade in my indecisiveness for any being completely decisive and rash. It just gets a little frustrating not knowing sometimes. But I guess that's like the future in general; where's the fun in knowing before you get there? Would anyone run a race if they knew for certain who the winner would be every time? There's no surprises in that, so in that way I think my indecisiveness is great. In this way it postpones the surprise of what the heck I am going to end up doing with most of my life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Revelations

I would like to start off by saying that I am pretty sure that I do more theoretical blog posts in my head than actual ones. Is that a little weird? Don't really care, or not too much anyway, just I think about great stuff to say and arrange it just so in my head, but fail to at any point in time write those beautiful thoughts down on paper, so they just get lost into the ether of my mind. Maybe its good that way, maybe I should make a conscious effort to write some of this stuff down, well I try, but its hard sometimes.

In other news, I don't think anyone ever really informed me until this year how great Paul Simon is solo. I was driving home from work one evening, one of my mixes in the car's stereo, and the song "You Can Call Me Al" as covered by Noah and the Whale came on. I have to tell you, I had no idea this was a cover until this point in time, I thought it was just a quirky song that had just been thought up and put on a set of b-sides. My Dad listening, remarked "oh a Paul Simon cover, good song", which left me a bit befuddled. I did some mental math and figured it out. I didn't really even realise that Paul Simon had a career outside of Simon and Garfunkel. So tonight I am giving Paul Simon's Graceland a full listen. Wow. Just wow, it is good. Sometimes I am really glad of these little revelations and discoveries I have every once in awhile, otherwise I would know about these things already and they would not be nice surprises.

And to top things off, there's a video for the song, which features Chevy Chase with Paul Simon, and its just Great. This is the kind of stuff that summer is about. I implore any and everyone to enjoy-

Paul Simon
You Can Call Me Al