Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Vacation

Wow, where the heck did August disappear to? I just got back from vacation in the north woods of Wisconsin, where much Kayaking was done, golf was played, books read, and general relaxation had(if I have never made a point of it, I enjoy making use of the passive tense).

A lot has happened this summer.

sometimes the things that happened were little things, like tonight I was coming back from the library and I had to cut through the woods and I realized that sometimes I get really scared of the dark. It really freaked me out for some reason. Ah well it happens, its probably good to be scared every once in awhile.

There's only a few days left in August but I am going to try my hardest to even up my posting. So be ready! Things will happen!






This I am sure of.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today, ladies and gentlemen, for any who might care: is the one year anniversary of this blog! Crazy! So I guess that means I need to put something awesome up, like at least twice as awesome as what I might have been planning normally. And you say, what could possibly be that awesome? Um, good question. Let us pretend that I actually planned something out instead of crazily surfing the internet as I post this.

Okay I think I found something satisfying. You see I am pretty sure that today is also the hottest day of the summer, its been in the mid 90's all day and barely bearable. So what do you think of when its super hot out? Well, maybe you think of places that are usually even hotter than where you are right now, for example Mexico. Then to further take your mind of the heat you start mentally rattling off all the things you tend to associate with Mexico: like Mariachi bands and Masked Wrestlers. Are you thinking of other things? Well good job, write them down perhaps they'll come in handy later, but those two were really all you need. Now here's an awesome music video with both of those things.

Shape of My Heart
Noah and the Whale

Thanks for reading for the past year! stay out of the heat!