Monday, July 26, 2010

Why not?

Might go to the zoo today with some friends of mine. It was a good weekend. I had so so much to tell you guys, but when I try to think of it everything slips away. Ah well, I am here now and that's something I suppose.

Oh saw Tokyo Police Club over the weekend, they were great! Really put on a pretty good show, crowd was pretty into it, singing along, left side of the crowd was crowd surfing a bit. Oh and me and my brother tried wearing ear plugs to the show. Something we should have done a long time ago that is for sure. They dampen the noise by far, we couldn't hear each other standing right by each other, but the music still got in just fine, I pulled one out half way through the set and the sound was over powering so I put it back in. Better late than never, eh?

Have I told you all of my love for steel drums? They seem to almost have a magical quality about them. They make me think of the deepest part of summer, sweaty, with a cool drink in hand. Of palm trees over head. Of that feeling that anything is possible. The proverbial "why not?" of summer, the sound that kind of reverberates through your body.

I'm not postive these are even steel drums throughout this song, but it reminds me of them, yknow?

Future Islands
Tin Man

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Days and Paper Mache

These past two weeks or more have been ridiculously hot, lots of days in the 90's. Which is amplified in a stuff warehouse. So if you have a hot job like mine please stay hydrated and take lots of breaks.

But even not at work and at home, wow it can get warm here! my room can stay pretty nice most of the time but some parts of the house get fairly heated. So sometimes you just need to say screw it and so stuff like in this video; will it keep you cool? nah but you'll have fun and that's what matters! and really if you haven't heard this song yet, you really need to. I swear, it'll be stuck in your head in the best way.

Kid Kudi, Rostam Batmanglij(from Vampire Weekend) and Best Coast
All Summer

these 3 artists teamed up especially for this song as a promo for converse and I have absolutely no problem with that.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Nights

Summer nights consist of bonfires and walks in the dark, bike rides and movies and rain showers and lightning bugs. Gazing at stars laying on the ground. Swimming in pools really late at night. This video and song symbolize those things fairly well I would say.

Matt Pond PA


Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday shall henceforth be Funkday

I was talking to a friend of mine, and well Mondays have a tendency to stink and be less than fun. But what if they were funky in a good way? All sorts of dance and groove and dancey-ness from beginning to end? It would probably be much much better. Sadly I cannot change the very fabric of the day, but I can do a little and we can all change the mindset? Maybe..?

we'll start with James Brown and go from there!

James Brown
Get Up offa That Thing

Monday, July 5, 2010

This summer

has been great so far. Although yesterday I did swim a bit too far and sat out in the heat a bit too long, ah well it happens I survived. Saw two sets of fireworks. Some last night in my town which were really cool. There were weeping willows and whistlers and red ones that seems to dance around like lady-bugs! Also this past Thursday I went with a few friends down to cleveland to hear the Cleveland Orchestra play for free and then there was a fireworks display afterwards too. Saw Toy Story 3 at some point, really really good, go see it! Saw a minor league baseball game last wednesday with my family and a friend of my mine. It was a pretty fun time, though the game did go pretty long for minor league haha.

So apart from some days being way way too hot and some being way too stormy and my job waring me down a bit, things are fantastic.

I hope you're all doing just fine in your neck of the woods where ever you might be.


Brown and Blue

I went ghost hunting in the sunlight. I looked for those little shimmers in the air above the asphalt, most people mistake that for humidity but we know better.

Or when you look at the sun and blink and see spots, yep those are ghosts as well.

Diving underwater, ker-splash, snorkel and mask and fins on. One deep, strong kick and I torpedo through the water. Up ahead a sunken ship faintly glows in the moonlight. I thought this was just a small lake, but look! there's dolphins swing dancing.