Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Jazz

We are more than halfway through December, and some of you are probably sick of me referencing the date in these posts. Well time..its a big part of our lives, it is. It keeps moving, it never stops. Sometimes it seems to go really fast and fly by as if powered by rocket-fuel. Other times it goes slow as molasses, or sap running down a tree. And for the most part, we cannot change that. We have no time machines, nor does it seem like we will anytime soon. Nor teleportation devices, the world has gotten easier to traverse but not that easy yet.

My past winter breaks have passed at near a snail's pace. This year's break has been much faster.

I saw the Dave Brubeck quartet perform with the Cleveland Orchestra this past Thursday night, they were really good. Some really awesome upbeat jazz music. I spent half the concert thinking of awesome ways to swing dance to it. I'll leave you with one of his most famous pieces, though it was so much cooler live.

Dave Brubeck Quartet
Take Five