Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Arguing Through Friendship

"We're not going to agree on every subject, that's not what friendship is. I'm not your clone, but we're close enough to be siblings."

   "Dominique? I..."He started to respond or maybe apologize.

"No, shut your mouth. I'm not finished saying my piece. Being friends means and it always has with us, that when one of us says or does something asinine, the other calls them out. We don't blindly agree. Just, no. On the other hand if someone were to throw a punch at you, I would block it. Not only that, I would kick their ass. That's what friendship means."

  He lifted his head to make eye contact with her, "You're right, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lash out. Thanks for calling me on my bullshit."

  She punched him amicably in the arm, "That's what friends are for."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Nocking on the Wrong Side

You're nocking
arrows on the
wrong side

With the fletch
tickling your shoulder,
you're all tangled

Straighten yourself
take a breath
close your eyes

Feel that bow
loosely held
in your left hand

You only get
one chance to let go,
to make the shot,
now everyone's watching

That bowstring
won't catch on
your leg
Let it fly, oh
nock it true,
and let it fly

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Songs 2013

  It seems to be that part of the summer once again. The part where the heat and humidity become just about unbearable and the only solution is to seek refuge with shade, air conditioning, a swim in a pool or pond, and a refreshing drink. While you wait for nightfall when it will be slightly cooled off outside, here are some summer songs to reignite your love of the season.

Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

   Indelibly catchy with a great music video featuring a dance off between black and white swing dancers and modern day break dancers, what more can you ask for?

Born Ruffians - Needle 

   This song evokes the plight of the noble water-melon, blissfully rolling down a hill. It starts slow then picks up with the Ruffians' trade mark jangle.

Frank Turner - Recovery

   The English singer Frank Turner, famous for his heartfelt raucous songs, pens a relatable stomper of an anthem about trying to get over the past and relying on the kindness of others when you need to. Its a long road, but it just might all be okay in the end.

Alt-J -Dissolve Me

 This song taps out its rhythm like dripping sweat. Like a sun beaten road trip, it bounces along.

Youth Lagoon - Montana
  A sunrise from a hilltop in the morning, this song is beautiful and delicate. 

Vampire Weekend - Diane Young

  Last, but not least is Vampire Weekend with Diane Young. A song with dizzying wordplay full of homonyms, bad luck, mortality, and seizing the day. The video is an indie last supper/party with P-Thugg and Dave1 from Chromeo, Santigold, Sky Ferreira,  members of The Walkmen, as well as a few more notables to catch. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Look at July

  Happy Fourth of July everyone! Here's a look at what I've been up to and what I'm planning for July: First off, June was crazy and packed with different kinds of madness. I took part in a scavenger hunt across Cleveland using the RTA to get to each different destination. I saw The Book of Mormon with my family, it was fantastic, filled with crude humor and heart. And there's been a few movies and books and plumbing problems and a hoist of thunder storms. Oh, my brother and I started a new blog where we review music, its called Vinyl Hermanos, you should check it out.

Onto July! This coming week I will be on vacation up in northern Wisconsin. So you will most likely not hear from me until I get back. In the meantime I plan to do some writing and reading and swimming. If all goes according to plan I will have more things to post upon my return. Such as a post with some summer music picks, and maybe a few stories, maybe a book review, more poems/songs(whatever they are), and who knows what else.

The Decemberists
July, July

I've already featured this song if you've been keeping track, but when I think "July" this is what comes to mind.