Monday, November 30, 2009

Wet and Rusting

Its beginning to get cold outside yet again. Took my dog for a walk today and almost froze my hands off. But I made it back hands intact, do not fret. And its cloudy out, and I'm layered up with clothing to keep warm. Its a good day for music.

And there's this band, Menomena,yes they are called Menomena, and I had listened to their album Friend and Foe near when it came out back in 2007 but it didn't really hit me as hard as it has lately. Especially the song Wet and Rusting, quite good. And maybe this is a testament to the fact that everything has its own time and place, sometimes you just have to wait.

Anyway luckily there turned out to be a video for the song too, and I cannot enumerate the ways in which this video is awesome. But they do some really cool stuff and I hope you enjoy.

Wet and Rusting

oh also this might the start of a few low-fi/low budget videos I showcase, just wait...

Monday, November 23, 2009


As I sit here at my computer on a rainy Monday night wondering what to type, my stomach is full from eating quite a bit from dinner and I think of what to tell you all. There's always so much on my mind, it hard to find some coherence and interest in it all though sometimes. Anywho, so I am home for break for a while now, I am going to try to not go on the computer incredibly frequently, but I am going to try to keep blogging. So we shall see how that works out, maybe well maybe not.

Do you know what goes well with a rainy night/afternoon? A nice dose of indie-pop. Is there also going to be a love story you ask? Why, yes, yes there will be, it would be silly of you to consider that there might not be. Here's another band that I have gotten to fancy lately and a nice song by them.

Faded Paper Figures

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sometimes in life the best thing to go off of is your instincts or your gut feeling. Sure advice from others is good and helpful but in the end only you know what you know and only you truly feel what you feel. So when in a conundrum or a kerfuffle or just life in general go off what you think is right, use your commonsense, and remember everything in moderation, including moderation.

Don't be afraid to take chances,
Look out for yourself too

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Can I do some dual introductions that I think I should have done a long time ago? Okay here goes, first I'm from Barcelona. They are my favorite 27 person band from Sweden. They are just a ton of fun and I really can't even fact, to further explain for me I have brought with me La Blogotheque a premier group of outdoor, spontaneous video makers that are based in France. So now here is the video that is how I first discovered I'm From Barcelona, I hope you enjoy.

I'm From Barcelona
We're From Barcelona

And I did already showcase I'm from Barcelona once before, but I didn't say anything about them, so I guess this makes up for that a little bit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rules of the Game

I'll start this off with I was in my humanities class a few days ago and we have been giving presentations lately. Now I am not here to critique anyone specifically, this is more a general set of tips for people giving presentations, because really I thought its maybe a skill that some people do not learn and it might be helpful.

  • When giving a presentation, try to stand up if it is possible. This gives you a sense of authority and prevents you from being overly relaxed and helps with posture. If you are not able to slouch in your chair while speaking about your topic then you will probably sounds less bored about it.
  • Make eye-contact with the people you are presenting to. This means both the teacher and your classmates, or in a business setting or other, just try to give equal eye-contact I suppose. The eye-contact works in a two fold manner: firstly if individuals in the audience are being directly looked at during your speech/presentation, then they will feel more engaged in what you are talking about and more likely to pay attention. Secondly by looking out into the audience you can for yourself judge by body language how your speech is going so far.
  • Keep Things fresh if possible. If you overly plan out what you are going to say you might end up sounding robotic, or if you are nervous about presenting in front of a crowd and plan on just reading off of your paper, well this is not the best idea either (in my opinion, perhaps you are an excellent reader of papers like Morgan Freeman). Here's the two options I think work: either a) use a power point or set of note cards to give you something to go off of. With a power point it also gives you a visual aid to give your audience something else to engage them, some people are more visual learners vs audio. If you do use a power point don't overload the slides; just a few quick notes to give you a spring board towards what you need to say. Same thing with note cards. b) if you absolutely need to read straight off of a long written paper: take breaks. You read faster than you know, probably which means the audience needs some time to have the information settle in. Maybe look around, ask if things make sense, don't be afraid to re-explain things in a different way.
  • Here's a simple one, don't chew gum while presenting/speaking in front of a group. It muffles your voice and effectively removes any authority you might have had going in. Basically it tends to be distracting and gives the impression that you do not care about what you are talking about.
  • And lastly Don't Panic. I'm sure you're going to be a little nervous for whatever reason, I get nervous about presenting sometimes too. In the end there's nothing to worry about, the rest of the people in the class probably also have to present and are going to be forgiving if you mess up, your teacher probably will understand also. And maybe you aren't excited about your topic, but fake it if you can. Make your audience believe what you are talking about is incredibly exciting. If you are nervous then this is a good way to overcome that and its a good way to embed what you are talking about in your audience's mind.

Okay that's about it, maybe I should have split this up into two posts. Oh well, you will just have to suffer through it in one installment. Also I might give helpful little tips like this from time to time. Not that I'm going to pretend to know much more about life than anyone else, but I think I have picked up a few things so far.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Keeping Afloat

The waves are rollicking and romping across the sea here. A smash here, a crash there. Quick men, tighten the ropes! To the Starboard flanks! We're taking on water, prepare to bailout! We are going to make it out of here alive men, as Captain of this ship I swear I will steer us to calmer waters and out of this storm. Krakoom! Oh no! Lightning hit the secondary mast...Now it's on fire! Okay well, this predicament might be more tricky to get out of, but I still have hope. Look there! It seems to be a lighthouse we might just make it!


Would I be a good captain of a boat? I have no idea. Maybe. Perhaps. Well I guess we are each captains of our own lives, and there were a few stormy weeks of stress and busy-ness, then on top of that I have been sick for the past almost two weeks and I am just ready to be done with school for the quarter and go home. That is the truth.

On another note, completely changing the topic Royksopp is pretty awesome. Royksopp is an electronic duo from Sweden that creates some of the funkiest, most awesome, disco tinged beats you will encounter (maybe that's over the top, but I enjoy them). On some tracks they have other artists add vocals for them. check it out.

What Else is there? (vocals by Karin Dreijer)