Friday, August 24, 2012

The Weight of Air

  The sweet guitar melody drifted lazily up through the eaves to reach our ears on our third floor balcony in our hostel in Naples, Italy. We were practicing card tricks and cheats, laughing and drinking ouzo while waiting for Maria. She had gone shopping in the market, looking for some gifts for friends and picking up some bread for us. Up on the balcony we sat with our shoes off, letting our blistered feet rest. We had hiked all afternoon. It had been and continued to be a near perfect day. I sipped my ouzo and complimented Darryl on his Sleeve-slip trick.

   Over the Cathedral I saw a hawk circling. Mid-circle he fell out of the air into a dive, swiftly plucking a pigeon from a rooftop who had been cooing. Surprisingly then the hawk rose once more pigeon in toe and released it. The pigeon did a series of flips which the hawk duplicated, then they each swooped out of the somersaults in opposite directions. It was amazing. It was an impromptu acrobatics show. I turned back to our table,"Did anyone else see that just now?"

    "See what?" asked Darryl

          "My flawless Ace-Queen swap?" pondered Roy

                    "Did you fall out of your chair? If so, sadly we missed it", said Sarah ever so sardonically

                             "Me sauntering up the avenue?", Maria asked from the doorway, a bag of fresh bread and pastries in her arms.

   "Maria!", we all cried, excited to see her at last

"No to all of those, well except Maria, I spied you coming up the block looking quite fine. The other thing I spied was a hawk doing an acrobatics show with a pigeon above the cathedral. It was amazing."

  "Sure Daniel, sure. I think hunger and imagination got the best of you again.",  Maria said handing me a chunk of bread


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost, Not Quite

  In my time as a blogger and music lover I have viewed countless music videos. A dizzying amount to be sure. I have seen ones that I love and ones that I hate. There are videos that simply are so original and breath-taking that they are a wonder to behold aside from even the music that the video was made to accompany. There are also the dismal videos that don't seem to make any sense or are just plain weird or not enjoyable. But, there are also the ones that fall between the two markers, they are music videos that are almost, but not quite awesome, or also almost but not quite horrible. These valiant vids lie in limbo, and from this limbo I will show you a few of the videos that I think could be a bit better or worse.

  In this first installment of this segment, let's take a look at one of the latest videos from Metric for their song "Youth Without Youth". I think its a pretty good song, but the problem with the video is that it doesn't seem to know what it wants. The song is a bit dark and a bit edgy with heavy guitar and dark synths sailing throughout the song. The video on the other hand seems to have an odd gimmick of stacking things, contrasts of black and white and light tones, and a highly anti-climatic use of slow motion. Its artsy, sure, but to what end?

Youth Without Youth

Monday, August 20, 2012

Package Up Your Melancholy

Package up your melancholy
into a box
seal it tight,
walk it to
the nearest shoreline
be it big or small,
and leave that box of sadness
 for some other fool to find

And I know
sometimes it takes all your 
strength, just to survive,
just to stay alive

But now its time to let go
its time to begin anew
let your flowers bloom
let your strength grow
I'll be by your side 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Billboard of Time

  Beside the road on Highway 34 there was a new billboard bravely asking,

                                             "Do you believe in Time Travel?"

 There was no accompanying information, just those words in white font on a stock black background. A few miles before it sat an advertisement for a premium malt beverage, after lay one for a local insurance company.

 If you weren't paying attention you'd dismiss it without a thought, letting it sink into the scenery. If you were reading intently you might wonder about the text for a bit, then write the message off as an odd prank or an art installation. But what if, just hypothetically, you took the strange message to be completely sincere?

     Would you keep driving 'til you came to a cyber-cafĂ© where you could investigate who had paid for the time-travel billboard? Would you track them down for the chance to possible use their time machine? Or would you just smile quietly to yourself as you passed the billboard and as you exited the highway, your car dissolving into thin air only to reappear in 2514.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fourth Anniversary and Green Day

  Today is my fourth year anniversary of this blog. It has been a joy writing and having you all read, I sincerely hope it continues for another 4 years if not more. It has kept me sane and I hoped its entertained in some small way, if it has, that makes me quite happy. For my anniversary here's some new music from Green Day, because I try my best to bring new music and music videos that I think are quite cool. And this new Green Day song off their upcoming album is fun and sounds like almost a throw-back to their old days. I hope you enjoy.

Green Day
Oh Love

Monday, August 6, 2012

Booms of Pizza

With enough manufactured
to feed a small nation,
we set out
to light every industrial oven in sight

we fired them up
with ancient clangs
and booms

into each cavernous
a pie was thrust

timers were set,
we ran outside
into the sunshine.
To fly kites
through clouds
of soapy blown bubbles