Tuesday, June 14, 2011


"C'mon, we've gotta get back before it gets dark!"

"Why?! We've got lights on these things! Ya Sissy-nanny!"

And with that I shot off, throttle cranked.


trees, marsh, swamp and fog blurring past on all sides. Two moons lit up the sky one white, one orange. The daylight was disappearing quickly and tease as I might, the troopers would be out soon, then we'd be in trouble. As if on cue I heard rumbles on engines in the distance behind us. This wasn't good...My brother was chasing after me, an anxious look on his face.

"Hey maybe you were right about getting back..Let's try the short cut up here!" I shouted, my brother gave a thumbs up of agreement. We both then bore a hard left straight into the midst of the forest. We'd be off the path and dodging tree trunks from here on out..

Then from behind came an amplified message, "Citizens, you seem to be taking evasive maneuvers, please come back to the designated path and present your ID's. Failure to do so will mean pursuit!"

Shit, shit, Shit! I revved up the throttle a bit faster, I could hear my brother doing the same. We continued to zoom through the forest, weaving in and out, in and out, avoiding trees and other obstacles. If we kept up like this we would be just fine....The daylight was almost gone completely, our speeders were getting pretty caked with mud (this would make us harder to spot by the troopers, but was slowing us down a bit too). The night wildlife was beginning to come out: you could hear croaks, buzzing and other assorted noises.

Fire-bats dimly light up the forest; blazing swooping trails of light for a few seconds at a time. I smile, we know this forest and all of its secrets. "Head for the Sunken Cave!" - I shouted

We darted like musk-rats, zig-zagging fiercely. I almost hit a tree once or twice and quick thinking allowed me to avoid the rising and sinking swamp knees that allow the trees to breathe; hopefully one would upend a trooper. Eventually we made it to the cave. We jumped off our bikes and covered them in hanging moss to camouflage them, then we crawled in the small cave to wait.

Hours seemed to pass by slowly, in reality it was probably only a handful of minutes. Finally our pursuers caught up, they slowed down in confusion, circling the cave oblivious to its presence.

"They must have gone the other way, I could have sworn though..Alright, let's go!"

watching them disappear into the distance we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry Eduardo, its my fault we came that close. We should have turned around much earlier."

"Eh, maybe we should have, but we didn't get caught so what does it matter? That was kind of fun! he said as he slugged me in the shoulder good naturedly. "C'mon, last one home is a burnt fire-bat!"

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