Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I know that today isn't actually the 31st of October, so it's not technically Halloween, but here at Ohio University today is Halloween in every way. Out of towners flood our town, friends and party-goers from all parts of the state and country. Our main street is then shut down for most of the duration of the night as costumed party-goers flock to see and be seen. Also to listen to the live music that's put on. Halloween here is never boring, nor is it ever predictable. Cell phones become fairly unreliable due to the amount of concentrated people in one place, so the buddy system becomes a necessity.

    And really its a great time. Halloween here is chaos, its scary, its happy, its wonderful, its being ready for anything. Its thinking of the craziest costume then making that costume reality on a low budget. Last year I was a super hero of my own making (Chair-Man), the year before I was Dr Mcninja from the webcomic Dr McNinja. This year me and a friend are each going to be Nyan Cat as seen here. For those of you who don't wish to click on the link, Nyan Cat is a cat combined with a Pop-Tart with rainbows trailing behind it. I am pumped. Anyway off to finish the costume and get ready, Happy Holidays everyone, be safe!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Music Season Part II

    Hello again! Time for another spooky video. This one comes from Kid Cudi from the soundtrack to the movie Fright Night that came out a few months ago starring Colin Farrel, Anton Yelchin, and David Tennant. I really actually wanted to see Fright Night because I thought it seemed like a good classical take on a vampire/monster movie and seeing Colin Farrel and David Tennant face off would have been definitely worth seeing. Well hopefully I'll catch it on dvd.

  Kid Cudi
  No One Believes Me

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Music Season

  Here at Muffin Puddles one of my founding goals is to share creative and awesome music videos and music. In the October/Halloween Season that goal has always been shifted to the weird, scary, abnormal but still awesome. I have a few songs to share with you all before Halloween itself hits. Here's one:


I have no idea what the song is about, nor the video but that in no way stops it from being quite dancey and quite strange. Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stay a Little Longer

"Oh, but you simply must try the turkey breast!", Annabelle whined, "It's marvelous!"

 "I apologize, but I'm stuffed Miss, I can have no more." He protested

 Annabelle laughed shrilly, "Stuffed? Stuffed! Ha! You look famished! If you won't have any turkey then at least have a sweet slice of Rum Cake, our family's recipe."

 "Miss, I'm not starved, I'm simply skinny and I really must protest, what I had was wonderful, but now I must be going. I only came to deliver this letter, which you seem ever so reluctant to receive." He said as he stood up, letter proffered by his hand.

 "Do sit back down Arthur." Her voice had lost its mirth and seduction. "Have some potatoes and gravy and I'll see to your letter." She stared at him determinedly until he started to spoon some of the potatoes into his mouth. Satisfied, she slit the letter open and began to read. Arthur ate his mashed potatoes dutifully which were in fact quite delicious. After a few minutes Annabelle set down the letter. "It seems my sister, Daisy Mae, is getting married. I haven't heard a word from her in almost four years and now: married! What a joyous occaision. It even says I am invited...what a strange and joyous occasion Arthurs you simply must stay and celebrate with me. The Rum Cake really is divine."


Friday, October 21, 2011

Blustery Birthday

  Yesterday was my birthday, and it was pretty good. Though mostly full of class and blustery weather it was a good day! My good friend made me a wonderful cake, it had mayonnaise in it instead of oil, which apparently makes for a great substitute: who knew? And the whole weekend will be full of fun quasi-birthday celebratory events. Such events will include an all day swing dance that will include a Lindy-hop workshop tomorrow, a play tonight and seeing comedian Aziz Ansari on Sunday night. Sounds like a good weekend if I ever heard of one, am I right?

    On other notes the album Making Mirrors from Gotye is stupendous and the videos just keep hitting the spot. I will continue to share them. Here's a second serving on Gotye:

Easy Way Out

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something about Pumpkins

  "You were mostly mumbling incoherently. Something about pumpkins...or maybe rocket ships.  You kept repeating 'It'll be perfect for my secret evil plan'. " Charles said, "It was amusing, but honestly we were all a little worried, or at least I was."

 Andrea blinked, "Was I that bad? I can't remember much...I was in the park watching all the squirrels dashing to and fro, and the piles of leaves were so high...then I woke up here."

"Huh, well you didn't seem drunk or inebriated, just very, very off.  Like a top that had begun to wobble. I was concerned about you so we took you up here and put you to bed in the spare room. You've slept for close to 36 hours.  Any longer and we were declaring it a coma.  Glad to have you back"

   They hugged and he set a glass of water on the bedside table.  "When you're ready I can make you some grilled cheese or pancakes. Whatever sounds good."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unsafe Ice

You find yourself on unsafe ice on the same night.  Astray from where you started, lost in the night.  The shadows, they took your hand, led you away out into the darkening dusk.  A Nocturne's gloom, a lunar's light to guide the sight.  You walked and walked, the crisp crunch of ice rung steadily like sneezes built of ivory.  The pines and cedars lined the path; dense and full of secrets in the night.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tom Thumb

    Staring into a deep well Tom stood sucking thoughtfully at his thumb.  He pondered how far it was to the bottom, he wondered if there was a bottom.  If there was in fact a bottom, were there things living down there? fishes?  Mole men?  Tom very badly wanted there to be something special about the old well so he would have a good story to tell his friend Stephen on Monday at school.

    Tom decided the well needed further investigation so off he wandered home in search of supplies.  he removed his thumb from his mouth since he knew his mother didn't approve and would be quite cross with him if she saw.  As he opened the door his mother greeted him from the kitchen where she was preparing the evening's supper.  Tom shouted a "Hullo!" and explained he was just popping in, but would be back for dinner. From his room Tom filled his backpack with objects from all corners, odds and ends from here and there until he was satisfied that he was prepared for anything and then he set out again for the well.

   Tom was a very adventurous and enterprising ten-year-old, but his mother really had no idea.  She assumed her son had an over-active imagination and he liked to play outside when he wasn't drawing fantastical maps in his room.  On the one hand these things were perfectly true, but it was also perfectly true that Tom had accomplished more in terms of exploration than some adults had twice and three times his age.

  As Tom re-approached the well he extracted a few of the items from his backpack.  these items included a length of durable rope, a pair of gloves with grips and light with an attached headband.  Firtst Tom secured the rope to the well's foundation using a Sailor's knot.  then he slipped the headband light over his forehead and clicked it on.  And finally the gloves were slipped on and the backpack was slipped on for later.

 Grabbing the rope with both gloved hands Tom climbed over the well's ledge and began to rappel himself into the depths.  Down, down, down, he went slowly illuminating the well with his light.  Tom expected to find water soon, yet the water never came.  Tom paused to ponder, with gloved thumb in mouth, how much further the well would go; the rope was running out of slack.

  Tom cast his light straight down and found the bottom to be quite close, he dropped from the rope.  He found himself not in a simple chamber, but in the beginning of a labyrinth. Tunnels spread out in 5 directions, each seemed to go for a fairly decent distance without end.  Tom looked at his watch to find it was nearing supper time, he would have to come back to explore the maze.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Every Morning

     They sat on their front stoop.  He was doing the morning's crossword, she was knitting from a ball of dark blue yarn.  The sun had only begun to peek above the horizon.  They were waiting for her just like every morning.  They didn't know where she came from, Linda worried about it sometimes, but Nathan assured her it didn't matter so long as they were there for there for here at the start of the day.  Nathan checked his watch, it read, "7:15 am" he looked up to see a smiling six-year old girl rounding the block. She shouted out, "Good morning!"

     "Good Morning", they replied as they pulled her in for a hug.

"Where are we going today?", asked the girl

  "The diner on the other side of town, how does that sound?" Linda asked

The girl thought for a second, "Do you think they'll have eggs on toast? and Jelly or Jam?"

Nathan chuckled and said, "I think they just might" then gave the girl a reassuring wink.

    Then the trio piled into Nathan's forest-green 1970's Camaro.  This might have been the girl's favourite part; the way her face lit up as she got into the old car.  And off they went.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


   This week it seems as if the Indian summer has hit, that fleeting second wave of high temperatures and beautiful skies. Who knows how long it will be here, a few days? A few weeks? Go enjoy some warmth while you can. Go take a bike ride, go take a walk, go lay in the sun and take a nap. Because it will probably be cold tomorrow, or the day after that.  To quote a song I'm about to post, "don't get stuck in the meantime, no such thing as the meantime". Take advantage of the good times, or make your own, do just sit there waiting for something to happen.

Now enjoy some sunny, sunny music from a song that is sure to be stuck in your head for awhile.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Once Again

Happy October Everyone! I hope its not quite as cold by you. The past 4 days have been frigid, today was slightly better.  But its okay, because its the right weather for hot chocolate and apple cider.  Its time for orange pumpkins, crunchy leaves and a multitude of ghosts once again. Its time for hecticness at school with midterm tests and papers. But everything will be okay because its October.

Future Islands
Long Flight

Also the band above, Future Islands, is coming out with a new album soon, so here's a video from their last album to tide you over 'til then. Also I mentioned them about a year ago here.