Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some wackiness

  I read a book about sharks til my eyes turned green. Laughed until I fell down. Tried to find out what it all means ended up with an another enigma bout 42. Raced a sailboat on the sea but ended up on the moon. I jumped on a trampoline, did a flip couldn't stop spinning for days. Dreamt I was a doctor but my stethoscope was a snake, he kept biting everyone. Found out how to use a hula hoop, ended up with a barrel of apples. Pulled the cork and my cup filled with apple sauce. Lightning strikes in the distance, acoustic guitars strumming in my ears bugs light up across the lawn. I heard the whip crack on the hillside, looked around for Indiana only found a kid named Jones. Discovered I had super powers, flew off to all my far off friends' houses.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Friday night, and here i sit, home yes, bored? maybe. maybe not. Listening to good music, reading fun short stories by Isaac Asimov . So time has been okay, I'm kinda worn down from the work week anyway.

Currently I am reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" by Stieg Larsson. And its great, so far an awesome end to a stupendous trilogy. Makes me want to be an investigative journalist. The only problem with that outlet, is that I would probably try to solve mysteries such as "why is there a pack of 10-15 squirrels running rampant through the woods?". I will explain the situation I am referring to: a few days ago I was walking my dog down the bike path that is near my house. We were standing there when all of the sudden a kerfuffle of about 10-15 squirrels burst across the path like some sort of furry tornado. When did squirrels start forming gangs/packs? It was crazy!

And tomorrow is the summer Solstice festival at the art museum, which should be great! Last year Dan Deacon played and it was one of the best concerts I have seen. Great fireworks + a bit of rain + dancing + awesome hors d'oeuvres = made for an awesome time.

And writing this is keeping me from being too bored on this quiet Friday Night. And you are probably extremely curious by now to what it is I am listening to(prolly not, but I'm going to pretend you care out there haha). I will keep you in suspense no longer: I am listening to Generationals. They are a bunch of fun, I first heard of them when I saw them open for The Apples In Stereo, they were so much fun. Here is a sampling, enjoy!

Angry Charlie

After all of that, am I going to call this post finished? ehhh..Yeah I guess. I think this was a good batch of muffin puddles..mmm I could go for a chocolate chip muffin.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holy Crap May

I think someone should get me a better calender or something, as where the heck did May go? It kind of swooped in, said hello and left and leaving a few thunder storms in its wake. Just wow, that flew by. this whole school quarter has flown by.

Any-bally-who its June! Its a sunny day! Yes perhaps I have a bit of something like a sinus infection still but yet I have the persistent feeling that things are going to be great today!

So right now I will impart upon you, the masses a video that my good friend showed to me. A) the concept is pretty cool, see if you can pick out as many of the references as you can B) the song is pretty sweet too, I haven't heard much by them but it sounds decently fun

Only Man

audiobullys - only man from EL NINO on Vimeo.

and yep its vimeo, so enjoy or not I think its a decent format and who needs consistency? Not me, that's for sure!