Friday, November 28, 2008


The band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin garnered much praise for its debut album a few years ago. Across the interweb and outside it there were rave reviews for this new band and their album "Broom". Partially reviewers were just amazed at the size of the band's name, but mostly they really were just impressed. I would personally give that album after careful consideration maybe a 7/10. It rocked, it had hooks, but it just did not hit the mark.

Their new album that came out this year though "Pershing", it hit that mark and beyond. Consistently poppy, quirky and definitively replayable it creates an overall good feeling while listening. I generally liked it and thought I would give you guys an attempted actual review. So basically I thought it was pretty good, see what you think.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Think I wanna Die

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merry Thanksgiving

So I kind of feel as though I have not been posting often enough, but really some of you could be fine with this amount of output, I have no idea. Mostly I am just afraid that if I post every good video I know of, that I'll run out...and that might seem silly since music videos are constantly being made as new bands are being formed and records are put out so really my fears are baseless I suppose, but this way the blog will last longer.

Remember when you were a kid and you had to build those dioramas for class, probably history class, but honestly I can't remember what they were specifically for. They were kind of fun to make or maybe for your parents to make and it was as if a little scene was captured in motion. Now that I think about it I may have done the battle of the Alamo in diorama form capturing one imaginary point in the battle with shoebox, plastic figures in mid battle and a clay Alamo that I made. Now imagine if that diorama or your diorama had come to life when you were done constructing it? And furthermore what if it had started playing music? The Alamo I fashioned probably would have only started fighting, but I digress... Oh and this also reminds me of the book series The Indian in the Cupboard which was also made into a movie. Now after all this rambling some of you may be pumped for the craziest video you've ever seen, now I cannot promise that, but this is pretty cool and imaginative. So there.

Port O'Brien
I Woke Up Today

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Decemberists!

Those of you who know me somewhat well know that I love the Decemberists. Probably one of my favorite bands. Soon they will be coming out with a brand new album, which is exciting. Here is one of the first songs I heard by them. I dedicate this post to anyone who likes to read or is or was in Model United Nations. If you were not in Model U.N., well I am going to say that this is exactly how conferences went down at least 9/10 times.

The Decemberists
Sixteen Military Wives

Man I miss MUN...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ra Ra Riot

Seemed to have forgotten part of the purpose of this blog for a bit there. Not only to show you guys good music but also new music that you may not have heard of. There's been about maybe 5-6 bands lately that have really been good, so why not share them with you. Sadly I am probably going to do them about one post at a time, so be patient, and yes most likely I will get sidetracked. So first there's Ra Ra Riot, who well their sound is not as riotous as I was expecting, but its really good. And I could do a huge synopsis of their sound and such, but it would be easier for you to just listen. Also this video coincidentally goes along with the seasons pretty well.

Ra Ra Riot
Dying is Fine

Monday, November 17, 2008


Finals week is upon me which means tons of studying, from which a quick break is required. It was snowing today, and I loved it. Big flakes in the morning, a pause and a blizzard of smaller bullets of snow later. None has stuck so far, but it still felt good to see it coming down with a scattered few red and orange leaves still hanging amongst the tree boughs. Matt Pond PA is one of my favorite bands, and this track too. "Light is leaving and its hard to breath, buried in this pile of leaves". It just conveys the season so well. The video..well at first I didn't like it, but it really does kind of fit, its got that ethereal feel of autumn. Most people like summer best, or perhaps that's generalizing, Fall and Winter are definitely my favorites. They're just more serene times.

So Much Trouble
Matt Pond PA

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blustery, windy day

Here in the Hundred Acre Forest, 'tis a blustery windy day. Winnie the Pooh anyone? That's what it seems like outside. So I have been racking my brain trying to think of something to go along with the weather and mood. Possibly that video or song that conveys the need to get by a fire and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. I feel like I have seen the perfect one, but I am having a hard time finding it. Okay I will not let you guys down, although I am about ready to give up. After a break to see the Dark Knight, which ended up not happening since it was too crowded and having an adventure, it hit me.

Burning Down the House
Talking Heads

enjoy and stay warm!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Veteran's Day

Few things to cover. A) that weird week of summer weather is gone, it is now freezing and almost to wintery standards. B) Sorry if you feel there haven't been enough posts lately, I tried to do enough for October, so I may have burnt myself out in ideas and plus I don't have much time since its the last couple weeks of the quarter. In fact I am taking time out that I really should be working on my paper to write this, so be thankful I guess. C) My school seems to be cool enough to have given us off for Veteran's Day so I thought I would do a little something in honor of the holiday. People of the world, perhaps take a moment today and think about all the brave men and women around the world and at home that have made a difference in wars, conflicts, and in general. Think for a second if the world had a little more love and a little less hate. It just might be a better world. Now this idea came to me when I was half asleep last night, and so if its not cool...well frankly I don't care. Ladies and Gentleman, I believe in a Thing called Love. (This might be one of the only times you will see metal on my site)

The Darkness
I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its summer? Again?

this morning it was probably in the low 60's. Fine good, having a hoodie and jeans is okay for that. Now it feels like high 70's out there if not hotter, and sunnier that its been in a long while. So did summer decide to come back already? Maybe since its election day and people are more liable to vote when its not cold and or rainy out. Anyway it feels like summer today so I was thinking of some Wallflowers.

The Wallflowers
When You're on Top