Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a thought

People. Persons. Those things over there with the hair and the extremities, ay, those ones. You, me, everybody. Lift up your hand and wave. Introduce yourself to the charming people on your left and right, I bet they are pretty great. Can we do away with mean? No? well it was worth a shot. Can we start saying what we mean, or meaning what we say? Not all the time, no I don't want to ask that of everyone..but a little bit? I think everyone can do it. We've all gotta live in this world together, can we try to be straight with each other once in awhile? Can we try to be nice decently often?

I'm not talking about a utopia, no I'd like to think I'm not that foolish or naive. But can we just try to be good to one another some of the time? Just realize that each person has just as much/many feelings as you do, maybe you don't get hurt when they get hurt, but you know when you're hurt and as much as it doesn't feel good for you to feel that way it probably feels just as bad for that other person.

We're all in this together, let's see if we can make it out together. Those people you introduced yourself to, on your right and left, they're your exit buddies. You need anything you go to them. And by that I mean all of us are each others exit buddies. Help each other out, and we can all make it out okay.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Unmotivated Friday

Friday afternoon rolls by, a caterpillar precociously making its way to the juiciest leaf. I try to get myself to work, tell myself that it will be better if everything isn't left for Sunday. Try to reason. Try to explain that relaxing isn't the answer although I'd really really like it to be.

Will the work end? If I finish it all will there truly be a break? a small one perhaps, a brief respite. Then the grind begins again. So motivation, where art thou? I can clearly see how you hide from me. A hummingbird fluttering in and out of sight, tremendous in your elegance but so so elusive. Drop your camouflage, lend me your light.

Obligations flying like arrows in the night, they hit pinning you to the wall. Do you despair? You're trapt, what can you do? Close your eyes, you breathe in, then out, in then out. You realize the situation is manageable, its not dire. A wiggle of the left arm, a nudge of the foot, you find some leeway, some space to move if just a little. You can get out of this trap, just stay focused, don't panic. One step at a time, it will all be okay, it will be all right.

Monday, January 24, 2011

White-suited Dancer in the Dark

Plans were made and plans were broken. You close your eyes, it all disappears. But you walk outside and even if your eyes are closed the bitter cold wind still nips at your neck reminding you its there. Staring into the mirror, I try to remember how I used to look.

Outside there's fifty snowmen on the lawn. They look ravenous and ready for anything. A squirrel squeaks and squawks, chitters away at the snowman like the general of an army. With a final triumphant squeak, and what just might be a tiny salute of the squirrel's paw, the snowmen started to drift off dispersing in every direction.

The sun slips beneath the horizon and the sky goes from hazy gray to a deep black. The cold and dark descend, twin devils in the cruel air. On nights like these, the moon only comes out when its full, a white suited dancer in the dark. Flitting in and out, reflecting off the snow, the light is true, oh so true.

The candle's flame in the window, grows and shrinks, the wax shifting shape. You're sitting in the armchair, open one eye and see the candle's light singing a duet with the moon in the far off distance. You smile, shift the blanket and fall back into sleep.

Ted Leo
Dancing in the Dark (cover of Bruce Springsteen)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monistic Exposition

I just got in from philosophy class and out of the cold rain. I stopped by my english class, but that was cancelled happily, so here I am. Today in Philosophy we talked about Spinoza, he believed in a type of monism where everything is one thing. It makes not a whole lot of sense to talk about. Basically he said that everything was the same everything but just with different bits of things attributed to them. From a common sense, this doesn't really make much sense at all, but if I stretch things a bit, it makes a good introduction for this music video I would like to show you all. This artist asked all of his fans around the world to use their webcams to record themselves and then he put them together into one thing. The way it is done, it is as if they are all one thing, all a part of the whole. Each has a different attribute to an extent, but together they are the same. Sort of? or screw philosophy and just enjoy this, its really cool.

Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wonderfully Articulate Piles of Warm Laundry

"Mellifluous" Beeped the Laundry machine as it spewed freshly dried, warm clothing across the small room.

This was the tenth time today that articles of clothing had been ejected in this manner. All the machines had been modified for maximum efficiency so when one load of laundry was finished it would be neatly tipped into a basket and moved away to wait for the arrival of the laundries' owner. The thought was that it would greatly reduce backup in laundromats from people not coming to claim their clothing out of machines for long periods of time. The problem was that some of the machines had been malfunctioning and shooting the clothing out like a colorful blast of a canon.

That's where Ian came in, the building's superintendent had called after the first incident. Ian had arrived from the laundry company's maintenance team an hour later. He had just sat observing the machines for a few hours, taking notes from time to time. The dryer's had been programmed to say things like "Have a good day!" or "Enjoy the warm clothing!" or "We delight in a job well done!" yet they seemed to have just started to beep randomly sophisticated bits of this and that. Ian's notebook read as follows of the words and phrases the dryers had been emitting:

"The Orangutan's Orange Exterior!"

"Lava flowed down the apex of the mountain during the equinox!"



"Rifles ripple upon the rumpus!"

"The gravy boat poured fresh gravy unto the heaps of mashed potatoes"

"Red-haired Rebels befuddle anarchy"

"Fibonacci numbers undo"

And with each succeeding quotation more clothing flew yards across the room. It didn't make the least bit of sense, the wiring all seemed sound, the clothing was all suitably warm. Where were these machines learning new words and phrases from? It was curious and befuddling for sure but there was really nothing that Ian could do for now. He decided to make up a sign telling patrons to stand at the ready to catch their laundry in midair until a solution came about.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Old friend Adventure

Happy New Year, hope everyone had a good one and a good holiday. I am back at school and the snowing is lightly coming down it truly is winter. I am happy about that. I've said this before I think, but I'll say it again, for some reason I really like Autumn and Winter the best of all. The crisp leaves of the fall, the warm drinks and soups, the white snow the blankets everything, they all seem like old friends. I like bundling up, I dunno maybe those things are weird, who cares. And yes the days are shorter and the sun light's never quite enough, but that's okay. As Bob Ross said many times, you need the dark to let the light shine through.

I think part of life, is trying to get to that point where waking up is okay. Where you aren't dreading one thing or another, not thinking about that potential alligator which could be camped outside your door ready for your departure. So you fight and persevere and run like hell trying your best not to get eaten by the alligator, not to fall into a flaming pit, to overcome the minotaur in the labyrinth. So that one day you'll open that door and there will be an ostrich, or what have you, ready to take you where you need to be.

Is life fair? No, no it is not. But with a little imagination, grit, and friends, it can be an adventure. Maybe..