Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day of june

On a first note, I have been feeling a bit too much like Holden Caulfield lately, probably from a job that is way too repetitive and mind numbing. Since it is such a repetitive job I get a lot of time to think about a wide range of topics. One such topic is as follows: Over the weekend I was at a graduation party of a friend of mine from High School. At one point someone made some joke about Karl Marx, something along the lines of "Name me the douche who is responsible for the worst idea ever" or maybe "who's one of the all time worst people of all time". I don't remember exactly, the point was that they were ripping on Karl Marx and Communism, which is fine, I guess....its just...I don't know, yes I am pretty sure that communism can never be put into practice successfully, but on the other hand I think that writing the communist manifesto or taking part in writing it, does not make him the worst idea haver of all time. In fact, he seems (from pictures at least) like he might have been a nice man to have tea and cookies with, yknow? I mean or for instance here's another way to look at it, what if instead of writing the communist manifesto, he had started a band? The result let's say would have been the creation of a genre such as...I don't know, punk maybe? or jazz? decades or almost a century and a half before its time. The probabiblity of that having had happened, is probably somewhat on the low side, but it would have made history's events in a certainly interesting pattern.

Or maybe that doesn't make any sense, but its an example of one of the half formed ideas I come up with while working. So I think That's all I have time for, its bedtime for me tonight, I will see you guys in July...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teeter Totter a go!

Did you ever get to ride/play/use a teeter totter when you were a kid? or in the recent past? I mean you did have to get the equation right, sometimes doubling up on one side to make the weight balance just right so both sides could get equally flung high into the air. Oh, good times, basically one of the hallmarks of summer. There used to be a quality set of them at the nearby park, but when they put in new equipment they took out all the fun stuff that I enjoyed as a kid: like that spinny ride where everyone would grab a bar, and someone would stand outside of the metal platform and spin it as quickly as possibly, everyone would get dizzy; or the giant metal slide; or the great tire swing-they did actually replace the tire swing but the one they have now can barely fit one person on it. I was a park attendant/(i prefer the term ranger) for two years and we had a much better time when I was a kid then when the kids came and I was there to entertain. Boy I just got really side tracked, okay my point in the whole thing was that Teeter Totters are inherently awesome.

And by that fact this video is also inherently awesome, and very summery. (plus the lead singer is pretty cute)

The Joy Formidable

Monday, June 22, 2009

Party in an Art Museum

Saturday night there was a party at the Cleveland Art Museum celebrating both solistice and the reopening of their east wing which primarily houses modern art. It was quite possibly the best way that I have ever spent $15. There were and assortment of tapas(spanish word for snacks kind of, kind of like french hors d'oeuvres) which were all tasty, there was a bacon roll with cream cheese and like a cranberry inside, oh it was so good. The place was packed, people of varying degrees of dressing up, which was definitely interesting to behold. and then there was live music. That live music included quite a few good bands and dj's; even Dan Deacon who put on a great set that resulted in a great dance party. I got picked out of the crowd for some crowd involvment which was pretty awesome...and after the show we did some sweaty art perusal. A solid night all-in-all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Survived to Summer

So I survived Freshman year..I think. There were good parts and bad parts, annoying things, and situations I never expected I would have to deal with, such is life. Hmm I tend to always have great ideas for things to write up until the point at which I sit down and start typing/writing them, so I assure you that ideas were had, great ones at that, that I was very willing to share, but they are gone for the moment, hopefully they will return. Let's see, well finals were hard, some of them anyway. I never want to do four English papers in the same day again, not in anyway fun. I really am just kind of burnt out of school work and what not and need to recharge, but now I have to work again. Ah well...
On the brightside: Its summer! and I am home for the time being. Both are things that I am happy about. Although I have never preferred summer as a season the most because I do feel that it tends to get a tad overheated at times. Tentative plans for said summer include: post on here a decent amount(I want to try to get up to 100 posts by the end of the year, or should it be the anniversary of when I started? bah whatever), write a story maybe, take some bike rides to book stores or crocker park, build something, see the sunrise(I should figure out what time that would require waking up..), swim some more, go to concerts, hang out with friends, read a lot of books, watch many movies, and have some adventures.
Okay I said a lot but didn't really say much of anything yet again, this might be a hidden talent..On the music side of things there are quite a few videos I have in mind to showcase for you all. Lets start with some Bishop Allen, who I put up here for one of my very first posts.
Bishop Allen

video is pretty sweet, its got maybe stop motion and projection and some other sly effects that I cannot identify.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Seem to be Forgetting how to Walk

Not sure why this is, but it is happening. Maybe it's always happened and I never realized it. As I walk my right heel kicks my left ankle(which might be slightly hard to imagine). So yeah, not every step, but sometimes when I'm not paying particular attention I kick one foot into the other. Perhaps my right foot is angry at my left foot; or they could both together be just telling me its running season(strange way to say it but they're feet so..best they can do?). Whatever the reason, its kind of getting on my nerves.

Damn, there are quite a few really sweet looking movies coming out this summer/year. That is one thing I am definitely excited for. Also bike rides, book stores, record stores, seeing friends from home, and no homework. And I just hope its a constructive summer, I want to build something, or do something. Something so that the summer is worth the time off and worth the work I will have to do. So I will hopefully be cooking that up in the back of my head.

But right now I've got papers to do and subjects to study. And I have got to hold steady, Once I get these papers done, everything is downhill from there. One step at a time.

So time to kick some paper ass and get this done. Hopefully, nothing distracts me.