Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brave Little Melody

I heard you hummin'
sweetly in the pale moonlight,
just a yellow sliver in the sky 
and your melody
floating so softly

You were a ghastly sight,
beautifully illuminated
by the piccolo vibrations
floating from your 
rosy cheeks

I thought life would be just lovely
so full and complete
if there was a banjo 
to accompany you,
oh, how heavenly that'd be

But I did not have a banjo
on that night, so I did the next best thing,
as we got closer,
moving our separate ways
in the pale moonlight,
I sang along to your 
brave little melody.

You were surprised, 
then your cheeks grew redder with embarrassment, 
then we both smiled at each other and continued 
our separate ways,
carrying the song
with my voice and
your humming

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