Sunday, April 24, 2011


A weekend that started off with seeing a great film festival movie with someone pretty amazing. The film was called "Der Sandmann" about a man in Germany who starts leaking sand as he's sleeping. The cinematography popped off the screen, the colours were so vivid, the story was very original, and the ending was sweet.

My parents came down and we went hiking Saturday afternoon, which was a lot of fun. It had been real rainy the past few days so the waterfalls were extremely active, whooshing water and gurgling little streams. Then we went to see The Decemberists in Columbus that evening. It was a phenomenal show. Got to be eaten by a giant whale, which is always a fun activity. I have some good stories from the concert...but that might be for a different time.

In other news I would love to tell you all about this band that I have been really digging lately. They are called The One AM Radio and they play some of the most fun-dancey-sad music you have ever heard. You'll be toe-tapping and headbopping along before you know it.

The One AM Radio
Credible Threats