Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yknow what else?

Animal Collective's album "Merriweather Post Pavilion" was pretty dang good too. Shoot I wonder what else I might have forgotten to give a nod, ah well enjoy this song about providing the necessities in life.

Animal Collective
My Girls

100(for realz this time)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New LC

Life is boring, yet excitement can be found. Life is tough, but if you keep persevering things will get easier. Time moves on, light some fire crackers, have some adventures. Don't submit to boredom. Don't submit to sadness. What am I talking about? I don't know, But have some fun, please.

New Los Campesinos

There are Listed Buildings
Los Campesinos


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


correction: that was only my 97th post..I guess the computer was counting drafts among published posts, but I got it sorted out. No big deal, and you probably do not care anyway.

Hope everyone is still doing well, having a fun wintry Christmastime. Perhaps you already had a good Hannakuh. The past few days have been fun, on Sunday my family, a friend and I went to the botanical gardens. It was a little like actually being in the rainforest. A little bit. Also there were a lot of really cool ginger bread houses, cause apparently they hold the contest for that at the botanical gardens because nothing goes better with plants like candy houses. We also went to Little Italy for lunch and then topped the day off with a visit to the art museum. Great fun was had all around.

Sound of Arrows is a Swedish pop/dance band that I have been plugging for awhile now, but still no one has really heard of them, maybe I'm talking to the wrong people.

Into the Clouds
Sound of Arrows


Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Don't Know if you Care, But,

I think I have reason to celebrate. A little bit anyway. You see, fine sirs and madams, this post marks a small momentous occasion of sorts. Has anyone been keeping track? Yes, you sir, in the back? In the green top hat with the monocle. were simply scratching your ear, my mistake, good fellow. No guesses? That's fine, that gives me the pleasure of telling you.

Today marks the 100th post that I have made on this blog! Who's excited? Everyone? Good, me too. If I knew a way to html some balloons into the page to float around a little bit they would be here, alas, that is not something that falls under my knowledge at current. I have been trying to plan something stupendous to unveil, or write, etc. Let's see what I can pull from my magician's cap.

So mostly I suppose I'll let you in on what I thought was best in music this year. And I will stress, that perhaps it is not the "best", nor did some of it even get released this year. But this is some of the music I did fancy this year, and that I listened to quite a bit, so gather round(like we're sitting by a fireplace and I just added another log, everyone has hot cocoa and now I will serenade you with tales from the land of music).

Alright, shall I begin? One artist I listened to, probably too much over the past year was Blind Pilot. Its a band made up primarily of two guys with guest players on a lot of songs and just I don't know lyrically I think the songs on the album are quite great. Most of the album is quite laid back and good for listening to during a long walk through the woods. Here's a video so you can judge for yourself:

Go On Say It
Blind Pilot

The band Islands came out with their third album this year, Vapours. Not quite as good as their debut, but definitely better than their sophmore album. There's just some really good lines in some of the songs that seem to stick with me like on "Heartbeat" which goes "And I might be wrong, but I don't think you could sing-along to my heartbeat".

In terms of fun Nate Reuss ex-member of The Format, founded the band Fun. I think in many ways they stand the test of their name. Sing-alongability? yes. Just good, enjoyable music I thought.

All the Pretty Girls

Some dancey music which has quickly exploded in popularity this year: Passion Pit. Now I did have a conversation this year at school where the argument was stated that the only guys that like Owl City or Passion Pit are guys that are trying to get girls who like those bands to like them. I disagree with this statement. I do. I suppose judge for yourself, but really that is quite a bold charge I would say. Also this video is pretty innovative, just don't get dizzy.

Passion Pit

OH! almost forgot! Yknow who we're really pretty good this year? The XX. I can't really explain their sound at all, its good though. That's what I do know. Memorable line: "I think that I am losing where you end and I begin" from this song:

Basic Space
The XX

I think I have just one or two more. Like the band Said the Whale. Their album that I have been listening to this year is a few years old, but I think its pretty great. I posted a video from them a few days ago but another one wouldn't hurt, surely? This one is in honor of the light, and by light I mean very light sprinkling of snow coating the ground outside.

This Winter I Retire
Said the Whale

Also Wave Machines. I like them too.

The Greatest Escape We Ever Made
Wave Machines

There's a couple other things I should mention, but I would be surprised if you were still reading by this point anyway, so I shall have to mention them another time!

Until Later/Thanks for reading so far!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today, I am anticipating adventure. Does that mean its coming or that it will happen? I do not know. Maybe its just a feeling that today's going to be a good day. That could be too. I've got some things planned, I've got some things unplanned, hopefully things turn out great.

Ideas be a brewing, adventure be a brewing, World,
Today I am ready for you to

Take on Me

And if you ever get the chance to enter the world of a crazy comic book, check and make sure the other occupants of the diner are not looking, then jump in.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Judge a Book by Size Either?

I had a random thought this morning, maybe that's all I ever have. Have you ever thought about the term "Light Reading"? I think its a bit of a misnomer, you see, size of the book is not directly proportional to difficulty of said book. I think a lot of people still think this. At times small thin books are a much harder to get through than big thick heavy books.

For example Philosophy books: many times they are very thin and light, but incredibly hard to get through(this is not always the case, sometimes they're gigantic and really hard to read too-see Martin Heidegger's Being and Time)

On the other end of the spectrum, Harry Potter books, extremely long, very quick reads. I mean I got through the last one in a single day. Pretty sure that equates.

Just a quick random thought for your day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wacky Dreams

I had a series of wacky dreams last night/this morning.

In one I ran 14 miles with some old cross country teammates.

In another I got in a fight, ripping off my opponents hat at one point, to find he had on another hat underneath that one, I then ripped that hat off to discover he was hiding his baldness under the multitude of hats.

In yet another dream I had a twin sister, but she wasn't really my sister, more like just another projection of myself? I dunno you had to be there. Eventually I ended up on a platform standing next to an old man. He said to me "You know what you need to do". And it was not a mysterious message, as I did know what to do. You see the platform connected to a walkway that lead about ten to twenty feet away to a pillar. The pillar was covered in different sized stones on every side from bottom to top. Near the very top of the top there was a orange bar that ran across the four sides of the pillar. There were also three walkways identical to the one in front of me that reached out on the adjacent sides to mine. They lead to a two story sort of veranda type thing. Also between the walkways was mist or smoke, leaving the impression that the old man and I and the whole building were up a decent height. Anyway the thing I needed to do was rock climb the stones to the top of the pillar and touch the orange bar. I did this and then the dream morphed sending me to

A living room in a house. There, a decent number of people sat with me, though now I cannot recall who they might have been. We were all sitting on the floor. A woman was doing slight of hand magic tricks, which were quite good. She ended her act by asking for assistance from one of us in finding a Winnie the pooh token. She picked me. Instead of telling her where the Winnie the pooh token was, I told her where a goat was in the next room. She told me this was correct and everyone clapped. Apparently there was a farmer in the room with us, the dream followed him home, but I was not with him. He greets his wife and asks where the livestock are. She says they are all still in the attic where he left them penned up. He scoffs, calling me and the magician a bunch of cheats as the goat is obviously in his attic and not in that room. Then I woke up, kind of laughing at the absurdity of it.

And then when I was getting ready and turned my radio on and this song came on. So earlier in the year I told you all about how the Silversun Pickups were going to come out with a new album. They did. Its not bad. The song I heard was this one:

Silversun Pickups

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Its rainy outside, and cold. I've been trying to come up with a decent Christmas mix all day, it hasn't been going well. I wonder if it would be hard to learn how to play Ukulele? sorry just a random thought..
Anyway all I really have for sure so far is one song that's a little different that I like.

Just Like Christmas


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where is the Tenderness?

Wa Wa Wa Where is the Tenderness? oh oh oh...left in the 80's? or with The English Beat/General Public probably. Did I tell you guys I saw The English Beat this summer? and they played this song? Cause I did/they did. And it was great.

General Public

In other news, it got colder outside. Like tear frozen on the face cold. Like don't go out there, you're better off inside, that kind of cold. I'm telling you man, its not worth the risk. Please, please don't go! Or if you do bundle up as if you are braving the tundra! okay? alright?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boy from School

I used to be part of Model United Nations at my old High School, I think I mighta mentioned that before. Anyway with not too much to do on break I thought I would visit. Its true what they say, and I knew this was can never really go back. Or in other words you can never have the same thing twice. Its just...the club used to be a great time, I recollect on those times quite fondly. And you get there, where did the fun go?

And so I used to be a boy from school who was in this one club... but I guess some things are better left as memories. Why should it be my problem, they can't take away the joy I had there, right?

Hot Chip
Boy from School

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This City's a Mess

Today started off with a sort of ennui(thanks rob, that described it well) that I couldn't shake off. But the day ended all right, I managed to rise out of my stupor a bit and I think I'm getting closer to the holiday spirit, maybe. And it's December, how did that happen? And why are we always baffled that time does move and weather changes? Oh well I do not know if I would have it any other way, and I guess that means you do just have to enjoy the moment as soon it will be further along down the line.

I do have some music for you all, and a video as per usual.

Said The Whale
This city's A Mess

a)this city is a mess(that refers to any and every city, where I am or wherever you are dear reader) b)said the whale has many a good video for their songs and I will be sure to host more here, don't look them up on youtube, I got you covered, unless you for some reason don't like the song..oh well I'm doing it anyway.