Friday, October 30, 2009

Can we Call this All Hallow's Eve?

Since its the day before Halloween and all? I think that fits even if its not accurate. Maybe it is, I'm not fact checking. Today was the first beautiful day in a long time, it had to be in the mid 70's out, I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt and it is awesome! The leaves are crisp the sun was shining shinily, the sky was blue and it was just nice. This is how October is supposed to feel, warm in the day, and crisp, then cooler at night so you maybe need a long sleeve shirt. The air should almost taste like apple cider, smell like pumpkin pie and have that faintly magical feeling. That kind of Linus sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin type of feeling. I mean this could just be my take on the month, but for the most part that is how I feel.

On to Music! Wooo! I like Sea Wolf, I believe they are a good band who can be described as kind of a folky-poppy-indie band. For awhile they were on my misguided no play list as I was only going to listen to one band out of all the variations of bands involving "bear" or "wolf"; that being the band Sea Bear from Sweden I believe. Anyway eventually at some time in the last year I gave them a try, there was probably a reason, I do not remember. And I ended up really liking them. They came out with a brand new album recently which I quite enjoy. I thought I would share with you all if they had a video to accompany one of their songs, and they delivered. Not only do I like this video, it also covers the theme of Halloween, which is nifty. I was about to describe how it is themed in this way, but I better not ruin it for you. Oh and this one is not really scary at all, it is in Black and White...perhaps you are not comfortable with that for some reason, oh well pretend there's color I guess?

Wicked Blood

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Its still October. It has not been my favorite October. But nonetheless it was and is October which is usually nice. On the note of this month, its less than a week til Halloween. When it hits all hell will break loose. I mean that it is going to get somewhat crazy here at college, hopefully nothing is lit on fire.

Anywho I am not really feeling terribly inspired in the way of words right now, but I do have a video to share with you all in the spirit of the holidays. I am not much of a fan of Rap or Hip Hop and such, but I think Aesop Rock is pretty good. And this video is like an old horror flick. So enjoy.

Coffee Ft. John Darnielle
Aesop Rock

( I will try to write some more things soon, it has been ridiculously busy lately. I think I forgot I had a blog for a bit)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its October, My favourite Month

Once again we have reached October, when the air is crisp, the pumpkins get ripe and the nights are cold, there are piles of leaves with which you can jump into or upon,and things are just great. Not to mention this is the month when my birthday occurs... And Hot apple cider! Just altogether this month is great and definitely my favourite, and I do not take favourites in many things.

Even more exciting than all of that, Halloween is this month, which means that I have every right to host videos of a more spooky nature than my norm, you know what I'm talking about; I went through this whole thing last year. If you do not know what I'm talking about feel free to browse the archives of last years October videos. The thing I am unsure of is if I will be able to find quite as many as I did then, but whatever I have a few.

For the past month or so possibly a bit more, I have gotten into the band Handsome Furs, I quite enjoy them. They have this song "I'm Confused" with some great guitar riffs and its kind of catchy and dark, and the video is a little on the scary creepy side. If you do get scared for one reason or another, I recommend closing your eyes and enjoying the duration of the song.

Handsome Furs
I'm Confused