Friday, October 5, 2012

Spooky Songs 'n' Stories

  There's something about the crisp air in October that signals so many things. That crisp air demands to be accompanied by hot apple cider or tea. It cordially requests that you bake cookies and loafs and pies of pumpkin. The air in October let's you know that its time for jeans and fleeces and flannels and maybe even scarfs at night. And when you get back home its the time of year when the light switches get set to a quarter dim for the optimum amount of coziness. The wind whistles and the orange leaves crunch. The music gets softer or more suspense-filled and jumpy-just like the movies.

  So curl up under a warm blanket, grab something warm to sip and let's watch and listen to few spooky songs and videos this month. There might even be a scary story or two thrown in, who knows.

  First up is Kimbra with a video that takes the cute kiwi and shows her dark and demented and more than a little funky side. Enjoy.

Come Into My Head

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Rob said...

Mom apple cider and brisk wind