Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Subcutaneous Bubbles in the Moonlight

  He walked into the bar on a Thursday night, his tail between his legs. His right eye was bruised and blooming like an onion. He was wearing a wool scarf around his neck to hide the swelling, despite the heat. Half-limping, half-staggering he made his way to the stool at the end of the bar well away from everyone else. He said to the bartender, "Gimme a shot of something strong enough to be called medicine, then two pints of your bitterest beer, please and thank you."

  He downed the liquor and beer methodically, he didn't seem to take in the flavor at all. After a few moments he finished the second beer and set it down on the bar with exaggerated care. He sauntered over to the jukebox and flipped through the selections until sighing with an, "Ahh, there it is." He fed the machine several quarters and hit B12. Out of the speakers came a series of horns, trumpeting joyfully into the smoky haze of the bar. The brunette in a subtle red dress felt a tap on her shoulder. He stood behind her with his hand offered.

  "May I have this dance?"

           She blushed, "I'm flattered but I can't dance."

"Sure you can, I'll waltz us around. Your feet will follow, they're good at that. We'll feel like we're floating, trust me. "

 And with that he swept her up right into a spin, her dress flourishing with the movement. She blushed again. They glided through the open spaces in the bar. He was surprisingly graceful, she had taken him for a mongrel drunk with a penchant for fighting. Perhaps she'd been wrong. Out of the speakers the band from another age was building up as the horns and bass traded off - doot - doot - doot - thrum - doot - thrum - thrum - doot - the singer broke in with a hook, "feel the moonlight/tap-dance on your skin/As you hold her close tonight" - doot - doot - thrum - thrum...

 With the hook he dipped her low. She came up with a kick that would have made a Rockette proud and she took his hand to give him a spin. It was a beautiful spin so she decided why not twice? and went for a double. As the band crescendo-d he lost his footing and slipped from her hand. He fell, not gracefully, but rather in a heap against the wall where he laid crumpled and motionless. In the process of spinning and falling his scarf came unfurled to reveal a neck that looked as if there was a sheet of bubble wrap just beneath the surface. She gasped and covered her moth with her hand. "I'm sorry! Was that my fault? I'm so sorry. Do you need an ambulance? I'll call for one."

  She got out her phone hoping this wasn't a busy night for emergencies. From the wall the man murmured, then spoke quietly, "When they get here, tell them I"m a diver. That should speed things up. Thank you for the song, you're a wonderful dancer." He closed his eyes and then either passed out or fell asleep. A ragged smile played across his lips.

David Guetta
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) feat Sia

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